tofu stir fry thing w/ green peppers and basil

if you think this looks nasty you’re a racist

An ad hoc dinner for the next 4ish days. I ran out of rice so i’m having this on top of spaghetti…Wow…I can’t believe I’m a fusion chef now….. I’d been dreaming about Thai food all week but I was shocked and appalled at the price of shrimp and I was too lazy to go get fish sauce and did nothing to deserve such #luxuries in life… I ended up just using this old Hoisin sauce in my fridge and some PB + a little bit of curry paste. Cultural appropriation or just a day in the life….Sorry bout it! As a side note, I just found out Hoisin sauce is just 甜面酱… revelations…. Hennyways this is what I did:

  • chop up some ginger, garlic, and spring onions. fry with a little oil and salt on medium high heat until it smells good. I opened up the window because some people were studying in there and i didn’t know how sensitive they were…last week this guy on my floor was super embarrassed because he tried to spare my feelings by opening the window while I went to the bathroom (i’d been chopping onions) but I caught him in the act like… That’s very sweet sis but just do what you gotta do….
  • add in tofu and green pepper, mix in a hearty glob (scientifically speaking) of curry paste, mix it in, and put the lid on the pan. As they say, “let simmer.”
this pic was post curry paste but pre peanut/hoisin and pre basil
  • At this point I did some dishes and mixed up the sauce: Hoisin sauce and crunchy peanut butter. the amount was like 1.75 hearty globs (combined).
  • I turned the heat down and mixed the sauce into the veggies and tofu
  • once the tofu was kind of golden around the edges I turned off the heat and added chopped basil. I loooove basil but this batch had literally no flavor and I felt scammed. Last time I made this (for the first half of the week) I thought it was just because I cooked the basil in too long but this time I was still sorely disappointed!!! what gives!!!
0 for presentation but it shows you how down to earth I am…

Oh also, somebody left an individually sealed piece of matcha cake in the lounge and I took it. It was bland but that ain’t me complaining. My conscience is honestly guilt free because I’m pretty sure everyone on my floor has more money than me

stealing from the rich and giving to the poor

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