sheet pan chikn and broccoli

As featured on (can you believe they replaced the fun occult food pyramid with a PLATE? Thanks Obama)

This is an absolutely spartan and utilitarian way to prepare food or as my fellow mom bloggeurs would say, “A good weeknight meal:”

  • Preheat the oven to a number between 375 and 425. Life’s a game of chance…
  • Dump some broccoli on a pan after tossing it in oil and  the bare minimum seasoning of your choice that renders a food edible
  • Do the same with some cloves of garlic. Whatever.
  • take some pieces of chicken and squeeze some lemon juice on it and rub in salt and pepper. The lemon is a real effort. If you’re weary of the world, you’re not worried about gaminess anyways. Consider it optional. 
  • I went above and beyond the call of duty by slathering some soy sauce and honey (found in the floor pantry) on the chicken as well. Unless your cookery ‘n’ condiments are under lock and key I definitely liberally “borrow” it….sorry bout it. Honey is a tad bit pricey for the common hog…
  • Just put the whole thing in the oven for what…20 mins? You don’t even need to watch vigilantly. Your natural intuition will serve just as well. I believe in everyone. 
  • As a good chinaman, personally there had to be the element of rice as well. Cook it if you are so inclined while the sheet pan is in the oven. 
  • This did not freeze great. The broccoli got tough on the outside and mushy on the inside after reheating, but if you feel your food lacks wild and wacky textures, then this will be a real treat…. As expected the chicken dried out a lot. C’est la vie~

That’s it for now… This was from a couple weeks ago but I’m just trying to populate the blog…


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