chicken and dumpling soup

I’m sorry to say…….. that I’ve outdone myself with this one! and truly satisfied my Cracker Barrel cravings! and then some!

It is a lot of dumplings but not as much as it seems…they all floated to the surface. Notice how I have strategically dredged up some carrots and peas specifically for thine viewing pleasure…The game is changing…
  • For the soup, I started by frying 1 giant (diced) onion and 4 medium carrots in oil (with rosemary, salt, and pepper) until water started to come out of the onions. At this point I lightly coated the veg mix in flour.
  • Then I added more oil and dumped in 1lb give or take of chicken tenders cut into bite-sized pieces, seasoned with just salt and pepper. I meant to put in minced garlic at some point but the thought must have escaped me and I am filled with regret.
  • I just stirred the chicken around for maybe 5-7 minutes. All of this was on high heat
  • I realized that according to certain authorities on the internet I was supposed to put the broth in before the chicken, but I thought it would be better to cook the chicken at least a little bit first??? You can go your own waaaaayyyy….I ended up putting in 4c of chicken broth after about 5 minutes of cooking the chicken in with the veggies.
  • ….I let the chicken/broth/veggie shebang come to a boil, and meanwhile I started making the dumplings.
It was only most of the way through dropping the dumplings into the soup that I remembered to “document the process”
  • The dumplings consisted of: 2c flour (plus extra– you know how I am with the improvised dough…Oh also for the 2c I used Buttermilk Pancake Mix instead of regular old flour, but the extra I mixed in later was a leetle beet of regular flour I had left from Other Ventures. I know. A hot mess) , 3/4c of plain yogurt + 1/2 c water (to replace buttermilk), salt, pepper, #MrsDash, 1.5tsps of baking soda, and a splatter of oil (no other way to put it). Oh and as you can imagine, none of these measurements are correct. I would describe them as being “in the vicinity of the ballpark” for you pencil pushers out there.
  • With my little floured paws (mitts? hooves? paws.) I formed the batter into balls about half the size of a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin (a standard unit of measurement for me…Also, who in the HELL calls them donut holes??? Have a little imagination….) and dropped them into the boiling soup. It was fun to watch them float to the surface like little fluffy carb clouds as I pondered how I, a harmless and innocent DREG OF SOCIETY, came to be surrounded by my illustrious peers– future engineers, lawyers, doctors, and war criminals.
  • When I snapped out of my reverie, it was time to take evasive action because the dumplings had swollen to ginormous size and I had to beat them back into submission (by cutting them in half with a wooden spoon). I guess this is why people tend to, how you say, “measure their baking soda”
I know this picture is shocking and appalling and looks like the definition of the word GRUEL….The dumplings expanded out of my control and I had to fight to regain control of the situation. Not before stopping to take a pic for all the people out there.
  • That Dutch Oven was filled to the BRIM. I don’t understand basic physical properties like buoyancy and displacement. I’ve heard tell of them but honestly I live in my own world. Anyways, let simmer for 15 minutes or whatever. I “let simmer” for longer (maybe 25 mins?) because I could honestly and truly not tell if the dumplings were still raw or not.
  • I was using frozen peas so I added them 10 minutes before turning off the heat.
  • This was enough for a whole week so I did some CONTAINMENT….half in regular fridge and half to freeze until Thursday or Friday.
There was really no purpose for this photo except to show off my tupperware

And y’all… my great surprise this was SO GOOD….the dumplings were biscuity and fluffy on the inside and smooth on the outside (with no butter!!!) and the soup was kiiiiilllleeeerrr……I’m only bragging because I have no idea how this all came together. However given the events of this day I am a tad bit worried about the dumplings taking on a life of their own while in the fridge, soaking up all the soup, expanding to infinite size, and sapping away my life energy as I sleep ~all unawares~…Please keep me in your prayers as usual.


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