to my great chagrin…salad and mason jars

Various states of water plus a slice of cheese with one bite characteristically taken out of it

I don’t usually do this, but I had salad for lunch this week. I think I’m overcompensating for the ungodly amount of pasta I made. I guess I’ve become another casualty of weshtern shociety…. I think after this I’ll need to go stir fry some yam leaves and think about my choices. But to be honest, when I see #y’all buying $12 salads with “quinoa” and “farro” and “seared salmon” in it I feel a little bit better that I at least have some fight left in me… Yeah yeah “Let ye without sin cast the first stone” but let me have my petty pleasures please….

Don’t you be nosey and look at my personal belongings!!! Eyes up here, bud!!

I had some basil and spinach left over from dinner prep this week, plus I bought canned chickpeas (Garbanzos??? Am I experiencing a Mandela effect– always a possibility in these trying times– or are these the same damn thing???) and olives. Then gouda and some frozen strawberries on a whim, so you can clearly tell I was going absolutely hog wild off the rails at the store this week.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this, but when I was little my favorite part was the brown rind off a rock hard block of smoked gouda that had been sitting the fridge for who knows how long. I’m pretty sure “gouda,” “string” and “pizza” would have been the only cheeses I was ever exposed to. Why gouda, I do not know. Also Babybel! (The wax makes a nice sweaty red Play-Doh in a pinch. Don’t be a snob.)  In other news, is basil and strawberry a weird combo? A bougie combo? A great combo? After 5 days I still have no opinion one way or another. Readers….weigh in on the comments below and of course, like, subscribe, and don’t neglect to include the last four digits of your social and the three digit security code on the back of your credit card

Yogurt and mix-ins in a mason jar…a desperate ploy to break into the mainstream

Anticipating that the salad would tide me over for approximately 35 minutes…. I packed myself a lil yogurt snack: plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, and (pilfered) honey with granola at the bottom. Doesn’t that picture look like one of those ASMR (I can only assume that’s what they are) videos on Instagram where they’re about to mix up the colors of paint? In my humble opinion this is much better, but no shade…..

I got a paper back yesterday and the TA ragged on me for not writing a conclusion (I think my transitions and focus could use some work too while we’re at it). And to be honest I feel misunderstood, oppressed, and personally attacked…. so in conclusion, goodbye until next time you sweet princes of Maine, you kings of New England……


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