breakfast for lunch

Is it hot? Does it look good? Are you proud to serve it?
Unlike some people out there I’m not part of the breakfast food cult…. so please miss me if with that whole Waffle House after dark mess because I am not the one. But….. there’s a time and a place for everything, especially pancakes. (While I’m at it, please also let me make clear where I stand on the pancakes vs waffles debate since this is my only platform to make my stance heard now and unto eternity: Pancakes are the sensible choice. No extra accoutrements necessary, no pretensions at being BELGIAN or WHATEVER, flexible and adaptable, and dare I say cross cultural (thinking about my grandma’s 香菇饼 right now…) Waffles are fine but if you put waffles above pancakes then not to be rude but…check your privilege, Becky.)

  • Sorry for not being as DIY as the other fine ladies out there but I used Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix for this because that’s what I have (kindly recall that chick’n and dumpling soup, my definitive masterwork…). As you can imagine, it tells you what to do on the back and EVEN I dare not defy those sacred algorithms…. a cup of worter (OK, I used half and half) and an egg for 1 3/4 c of mix. Would you like me to cite the back of the box in Chicago or MLA? Fascists.
  • I didn’t preheat the pan because I like to keep things loosey goosey so the first batch took longer than it should have and came out ALL WRONG because I tried to flip when they weren’t ready to flip…but it’s OK!!! Pancakes are very forgiving and in my opinion they don’t have to be pretty…Also after the potato egg debacle I have to stay in my own defense.
  • The box suggests letting it cook for about a minute on each side but who’s counting?? Val from Bake Off said you can hear your baked goods sing when they’re ready so if it’s good enough for Val then it’s good enough for me….
  • I made 13 smallish misshapen pancakes because I love bad omens…Then I hid the crumbly and broken up ones at the bottom of the tupperware for the image below.
  • Served this up (TO MYSELF) with 2 slices of ham and frozen mixed berries and portioned out the rest for the next couple lunches.
Drag me but I think these are cute…

See you space cowboy…


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