everything changed when the fire nation attacked….

Hello friends and enemies… please excuse my lack of posts this week. At the risk of beating a dead horse… we all know what happened this Tuesday. I have no words….I just want to say that before pronouncing that one ugly syllable to name the orange demon, please hesitate lest the the whole entire North American soundspace vibrate with the mark of the beast…….

pesto chicken, baby broccoli, and brussels sprouts

Anyways I got back to school late this week so I purchased ~prepared~ pesto chicken breast for deener. I mean I still had to cook it but I’m saying to myself life doesn’t have to be so BYZANTINE all the time….. especially in the dark days that loom ahead….

I also got baby broccoli and brussel(s? no idea…) sprouts. It’s kind of nice to have vegetables that haven’t been cooked down aka #Chummified but it’s only viable if I don’t have to freeze anything. That’s unfortunately why I can’t really experiment with most Chinese food…but I’m trying to think if there’s any tricks I have up my sleeve on that front…

Blah blah blah….I cooked the chicken for 4-5 minutes on each side and used the leftover juices/pesto and a little oil to sauté the baby broccoli with some garlic and pepper. Meanwhile I simmered the brussels sprouts in salted water. I think brussels sprouts are great and I’ll fight anyone on this…although I think they deserve to be roasted but I really wasn’t up to task this week. Oh and I had this with rice so balance has finally returned to my palate…

Also since this is such a short post and even in my subdued state I have to add a lil something petty that nobody asked for: I just want to say that the GIMMICKS OF THE WEEK are 1) that pomegranate “hack” using a bowl of water… get over it! let there be blood! 2) Broiled grapefruit. Hopefully no explanation necessary. Down with brunch culture………. Folks, please join me in remaining suspicious of anything and everything around you….

That’s a wrap… peace be with you in body and spirit my friends….


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