double lunch post

Considered calling this post “Lunch Dump” but I’m trying to choose civility in 2017. And dare I say what could be more civil and well adjusted than packing lunch… Please enjoy the following images of bread/bean/veg, a tried and true lunch template.

I quite literally took this out of my tupperware and plated it just for all you good people out there….you all had better check this showmanship…
  • Last week: half pita and salami with a little leafless salad (olives, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, and frozen peas but they thaw in my bag). I broke out the mason jar again, how embarrassing.
  • Someone said to me this week “you look like you don’t waste food” and honestly I was shook to the core……finally my reflection shows… who I am inside… Shoutout  S for putting some respek back on my good name
people like grids and squares… gotta give the people what they want
  • This week: refried beans, broccoli slaw, 1/4 tomato, corn, and shredded cheese with tortilla
  • A political plug: I fully endorse broccoli slaw because it uses the stalk of the vegetable and in my humble opinion reduces food waste. I have an image to maintain now! Also because my grandma used to always take broccoli stalks and dry them next to the refrigerator and pickle them and she is my moon and my stars….. Also because broccoli stalks are kind of like kohlrabi which is in my humble opinion one of the most underrated vegetables. Kohlrabi is really good “julienned” and then stir fried with some sesame oil and red pepper and a dash of vinegar… In conclusion I won’t stand for SLAW HATE and I will report any SLAW HATE I encounter as extremely despicable and closed minded hate speech
Only half the filling made it into the tortilla but isn’t “deconstructed” schtuff all the rage anyways

All out of new original material for this week so we’re a little scant on word count. Hopefully I’ve been able to trick you by having three whole pictures of two whole lunch sets. I’m also running out of far out ways to sign off these posts…

Until next time, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…


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