grilled cheese with tomato and miscellaneous other foods


Hello earthlings… On Monday morning I slept in, so on Monday night I got food for 2.5 days) from the terrible horrible no good very bad expensif store that is close by… For comparison I spent as much on 2.5 days worth of food here as I usually do at the other place for 7 days worth…..Sorry not sorry to burden one and all with my pennypinching ways but it’s been really weighing on my conscience…..

Part I: grilled cheese! exclamation point!

anyway…picking up where we left off about hurtful and ignorant SLAW HATE….

Lunch takes precedence this week because it features one of my main joys in life…grilled cheese. I used accumulated leftover shredded mozzarella and cheddar, tomato slices, and Portuguese rolls. I really need to chill and I’m not a doctor but I’m 100% sure my southern chinese goblin body can’t sustain eating this much foreign elements (BREAD and CHEESE) and it’s only a matter of time (GOD FORBID) before my body gives out on me and I need to recoup eating only 稀饭和榨菜 and things of that nature…Just my silly thoughts though….

But anyways these are the choices I’ve made and I’ll see them through to the bitter end:


  • Began preheating the pan over med-high heat… meanwhile:
  • I feel stupid narrating things like, slice open the bread and put the cheese on there but that’s what I have to say to myself so y’all get to hear it too. Btw my shredded mozzarella had congealed into lumps sort of but I trust that those live cultures know what they’re doing better than I!
  • sliced 1/2 tomato and jammed it inside
  • spread coconut oil on the outside of the rolls in lieu of butter


  • Then I grilled each side for 3-4 minutes until it reached an acceptable level of crusty grilled ness. I like to listen to the TSSSSSS sound while pressing the bread down with my wooden spoon but that’s just me….
  • The grilled cheese flip is probably the only flip I can execute because all the pieces are glued together with cheese…what a beautiful thing…
is this…how you say….panini

Anyways, I’m satisfied with this. I had it with store bought coleslaw and some tomato slices that didn’t make it in the sandwich. Oh and some sliced cantaloupe too for a snack later. I honestly just like how the cantaloupe rind matches my cutting board and think the world deserves to know.

Part II: miscellaneous sustenance for dinner

Dinner “preparations” aren’t really anything to write home about on this day but I’m writing about it anyway in the interest of full disclosure…

First of all I really don’t know how to act and the world of prepared foods is a mystery to me. I might as well have just found all the free food events and taken a tupperware to each instead of spending my money to feel unmoored and confused at mealtime like a nine year old LOOSED at the Old Country Buffet with no parents…. And so we have here the quite frankly BEWILDERING combo of steamed veggies + semi dry chicken + dry ravioli with no sauce… truly a bad omen.

Not to be a philosopher but since food is the only thing that I have an opinion about… can I go off about expensive prepared food from expensive grocery stores for a minute? The Lil Miss Marx Hog (so help me GOD) says all smug… Just FYI prepared food is alienated from the labor that produced it….then Lil Miss Anarchy Hog goes… Go ahead. Run that mouth, Do YOU grow your own damn food? Do YOU churn your own damn butter? And then Lil Miss Gramma’s Angel Hog says… I’m just an innocent hog and I’m beary hungry and can’t read, please stop the madness….  In summary: Just eat your food and go.

I’ll be back next week because for the rest of the week I’m being claimed as a dependent on a tax return! Keep on gobbling on, you turkeys of Maine, you guineafowl of New England….



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