semi festive fruit soup and lunch post

yes a change of scenery and yes the big brother dutch oven

Here’s a fruit soup I made with Adult Supervision over the fowl festivities this past week, so consider it signed sealed and delivered. If you’re about that life it contains about as much fruit as sugar so there’s something for everyone…

  • We used 2 sweet potatoes, 2 tart apples, an asian pear, and one lemon + orange for zest but you can basically use any biteable fruit/root that isn’t a membrane sac full of water (looking at you, grapes, cherries, and berries…).
  • However much soup you want to make…put that amount of water in a pot with 4 chunks of rock sugar or whatever…”to taste”…… and dissolve. Also a cinnamon stick and nutmeg or whatever spices you happen to like…..This is a real stone soup so really just go your own way…
  • While the sugar is dissolving chop chop the fruit into cubes, grate a little bit of lemon and orange zest on top (I saved the rest for later), and dump in the pot.
  • Cooketh for 30 minutes or thereabouts over med-low heate or until the fruite is softened to thine liking
  • You may choose to serve hot as is or chill for a a couple hours and subsequently serve chilled as one does…… Now that I think of it you could have skipped all the steps and just made sangria instead. Or you could add tapioca pearls. And I think my grandma used to make something like this with 酒酿 but I’ve been led astray and that’s a whole nother can of worms involving cornstarch…
  • Anyways I like this. This is hot and I’m proud to serve it.

I also had lunch this week surprise surprise so please see below for other wonders…

My signature hummus involves not having a food processor and using a ladle to mash chickpeas and then thinking to myself, I surely would have been such a catch in the preindustrial, pre-food processor hummus community….

I’ve usually used sesame paste instead of tahini for the same ole reason of I’m Chinese but when in Rome I suppose…….OK… I’ll admit this time that sesame paste is kinda crude and oily in comparison….just like me…….and we’ll both never change!

  • 1 can of chickpeas + maybe 5oz of tahini + salt pepper + canned green chiles for pizzaz (never buying that brand again. no heat. just sludge) + imaginary squeeze of lemon juice
  • Aforementioned ladle to mash and mix and then voila….bone app the teeth
no offense but a TEXTBOOK meal prep from me this week….

Until next time…. love peace and chicken grease my friends






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