blood sweat and tears / sunday bloody sunday

A tardy post this week but what I consider to be well worth the wait… Will preface by saying this might not pass any eastern bloc quality standards but nonetheless I deeply and truly stan for borscht so it’s all in good faith….and what’s better than boiled beets when you get down to it really……Let me also preface by saying I had a teeny tiny cup of borsht at a restaurant over the weekend and I couldn’t let it go so naturally the most sensible thing to do then is to plan to have borsht 7 days in a row.


I used: 3 beets, 3 small carrots, 2 large potatoes, 1 large red onion, shredded cabbage, lemon, garlic, a slightly less than 1 pound slab of beef, and beef stock. Plus sour cream and dill if you want to get technical but I have constraints.

  • Sliced beef into bite sized cubes as a pressed for time alternative to letting it stew for 4 hours or whatever….Someday…but not today. Threw in with beef stock and let it come to a boil, then reduced to a low boil at med-lo heat, covered.
  • Meanwhile, steamed beets in the microwave which led to an all out murder scene (even though I poked holes in the beets!) but the beets were cooked and I clean up after myself so no harm no foul… For all the inquiring minds out there, water does indeed boil after 8 straight minutes in the microwave which I didn’t know because I’m suspicious of microwave radiation and mind control so I generally don’t play these types of games like “brownie in a mug” or whatever. Kidding….But I just wanted to save some time……
  • Meanwhile meanwhile, cubed the potato, carrot, and onion and ditto with the beets. Again, if you have the means I think microplaning the beets and carrots is the right way to go but this ain’t my turf
  • I just cooked the onion, garlic, and beets together for a hot minute and added salt and pepper because the beef was supposed to simmer for 45 minutes or so before adding other stuff so why not.


  • THEN when 45 minutes was up I put the cooked onion/beet in the pot along and stirred a little bit, plus added more salt because it was too sweet…
  • I let that go at a low boil for like ~15 minutes and then added the raw potato and carrot for the last 15-20 mins. The last 5 minutes I added shredded cabbage. Finally I squeezed in the almost all the juice of 1 lemon.
  • In an alternate universe I topped it with a dollop of sour cream and dill.


In conclusion, just know that, ever your faithful servant, I’m out here viciously peeling a potato with my teeth and wishing for the semester to be over so I can once again pick up the Wheel of Time and my knitting needles and resume being a big slug. I’ll post lunch in a couple of days to restore the circadian rhythms of this blog… but until then…parting is such sweet sorrow….


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