cold sesame noodles


Why is it that after I made this last week I was immediately violently attacked by a NYtimes recipe for “asian flavored salad” or some such noise….Is it really so simple as a cucumber slice and some sesame oil and suddenly we find our meager and poore tastebuds inexplicably and utterly transported to the ORIENT… And while I’m at it, just because people put cucumber slices on their eyes in cartoon spas doesn’t mean “REFRESHING” is the only word that does along with the humble cucumber…. Do better, establishment bloggers and bloggeuses….. And let me just say I don’t even read the NYtimes to that extent…. I truly just wanted to watch a nice calming video of somebody making chicken noodle soup and ended up being strongly COME FOR.

  • For sauce: sesame paste or tahini, a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce, minced garlic…. Notice me here trying to reclaim the good name of sesame oil and soy sauce from that demonic NYtimes flood blogger. Get that moo goo gai pan AWAY from me….
yes some stray cucumbers made it into the sauce by mysterious means but they’re all going to end up in the same place at the end of the day, that’s my philosophy
  • boil some spaghetti or whatever long noodles. See, I’m not claiming to be ITALIAN FLAVORED am I? Take notes….. Meanwhile:
  • mix up sauce ingredients in a small bowl… if you’re using sesame paste you need to dilute it a lot in water in order for the sauce to come out smoothly, so you might need to put more salt or soy sauce. At home I use 豆腐乳 like my mama taught me. In case the Asian Flavored Party was curious, the authentic asian taste is actually 5000 years of fermentation, signed sealed delivered
  • toss noodles in sauce
  • cut up some cucumber and spring onion into small pieces and toss in
  • I had some shredded cabbage left over from the borscht recipe so I mixed that in too


Please consider my petty quibbles with NYtimes Food to be for my own amusement and take as a peace offering this white bread sandwich that is falling apart at the seams which I have eaten 4 of this week so far (I call this authentic Cubicle Flavor):

o the humanity

That’s enough out of me. I made chili this week so I’ll post that soon. Best regards from my hovel to yours.


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