chili and HELLO AGAIN

Many greetings and best wishes for the new year to all the fans out there…  I have no excuses for letting you all down and not spreading the gospel of one Hog’s economical and dowdy life and sustenance except that for one of the two months I was away, I was hibernating at grandma’s house without a care in the world watching TV dramas (specifically 人间正道是沧桑…which I highly recommend) and being overfed and showered with proper care and affection….

Anyways, I’ve been back to my “normal reality” (political climate notwithstanding……) for a month now and it’s high time for me to once again document this Hog’s self-sufficient and charmingly amateurish kitchen chops…no porcine pun intended….. Also I haven’t written anything for a while so pardon me if I’m embarrassing you all with my heartfelt and honest Voice…. Let it also be known that even though I haven’t posted I’ve still been taking kwik pics on my phone of all my Foods so I’ll gradually be catching up on those.

In order to keep my promise (hog’s honor blog) from the last post I’m kicking off my renewed blogging vigor with that chili that I alluded to some 60 days ago…. As usual I was continuing my old habit of a one pot veg+protein over rice. By the way this is what I ate 7 days in a row during finals week so if you want to know my secret to being a bona fide girl genius and card-carrying baby einstein then look no further.

  • Casually and typically fried some onions for 5-6 minutes, then added other random veg: bell pepper, carrot, jalapeño, celery… and really whatever else you see depicted there because “twas” a hot second ago and I don’t really remember:
  • Then I added spices: that wholesale chili powder that I STILL have yet to even make a dent in despite using it every damn week, paprika, cumin….Continued to cook until the vegetables were soft….
  • Then I added 1lb of ground turkey, cooked until it was white, and then added 1 can of diced tomatoes and 2 cans of tomato paste. I don’t remember if I added chicken stock or something but I would guess that I did cause otherwise the tomato paste would have made it too thick…That’s just my unproven yet scientific hypothesis though….
  • I would suppose that I stirred it for a while, waited for the chili to start bubbling, and then lowered it to a simmer. Add bean. Lol
  • Simmer for 20 minutes? I’m guessing. 20 seems right. You all can verify on allrecipes dot com what sort of chili simmering timeframe my fellow domestics have collectively developed over the ages or even attempt this feat yourself to find out.
  • Finally the most important and iconic step, namely tupperwaring. Tupperwaring is the common hog’s own version of doomsday prepping on a smaller and more everyday scale and that’s what I live by, just a fun fact.


    So that’s a quick and dirty stroll down memory lane to fulfill my promise to reveal chili to myself, my loyal fans, and my even more loyal hate stalkers. See you all in a bit (really… I’m committed…!) with another dinner+lunch combo from my hiatus. XOXO


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