curry rice with chicken and kale

Hullo…I’m still waaaaay behind on all the meals I have to post from the past few but here’s one from last week. This is one of my better ones in all honesty… it was super easy, flavorful, freezes well, and I was actually still looking forward to eating it after 5 days. Maybe that’s just the Stockholm Syndrome talking though… Anyways this was inspired by when I stirred risotto unflaggingly for 45 minutes for my old man in his time of need and also my unwillingness to do dishes.

Ingredients: 1 large onion, couple cloves of garlic, chicken thighs (I used skinless and boneless), lemon, curry powder, paprika, chili powder, salt/pepa, 4-5c chicken stock, 2 cups of rice, some kale

  • First I chopped 1 large onion, fried in oil for 5-7 minutes, then added 4-5 cloves of chopped garlic.
  • I had prepared 1 lb of chicken thighs by chopping into bite-sized pieces and marinading in lemon juice, salt and pepper (just for the 10-15 minutes it took me to gather all my ingredients and chop the onion and garlic)
  • I messed up and I think I should have toasted the spices (lot of curry power, some paprika and chili powder) with a little oil first to release the kraken… so to speak… before adding the chicken but I added the spices after… wooops…
  • Then I cooked the chicken in with the onions on medium heat for 5-6 minutes.
  • Once the chicken was no longer pink (it cooks thoroughly with the rice) I added 2 cups of rice (basmati) and mixed it in with the chicken and onion. I’m estimating because my personal rice measuring cup is in a unit known only to me as “how much rice I eat in three days”…
  • After that I added chicken stock which I ran out of so I had to add water to top it off. I usually do 2 Hog units of liquid to 1 Hog unit of rice. From there you just cook rice how you normally would which for me is give it a good stir, cover, and allow to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 mins, stirring occasionally to keep it from sticking to the bottom. Add more salt if needed…
  • I was a tad bit worried because it seemed like too much liquid to rice but one thing every good hog should have faith in is the absorbent power of rice… don’t schleep….
  • For some reason I pretty much had to stir constantly to keep it from sticking which in my book gives me a good claim to this being risotto-like even though I didn’t add the broth in small batches or whatever… I’m just saying…
  • Please don’t ask me why I don’t have a rice cooker. It’s because I don’t do pushups or anything so stirring rice is my only recourse…It’s called the peasant mother workout though male chauvinists and their wicked allies will surely do their best to deny it its place in the history of vital and life-giving human enterprises…. Just saying…
  • I ended up adding more water despite my initial gut instinct because unconsciously I guess I was still thinking about a risotto-like consistency….
  • At the very end (the last 10 minutes or so) I added a whole bag (one of those big Glory bags.. is it 16 or 27oz?) of kale batch by batch since the pot of already pretty full and it was getting hard to stir. Then just for fun cause I had some lying around from overnight oats (my lunch….lol…) I added a dash of coconut milk. For reheating after freezing it wasn’t even dry-just put a damp paper towel over it in the microwave and it’ll come out Just Fine.

Foynally, you can see the finished product above… A truly empowering one pot wonder that literally anybody can do. If your life story doesn’t contain some version of chicken and rice and its many sisters and brothers then I just don’t know what to tell ya…



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