something fishy


Happy March to one and all… (indeed….I realize it’s March 22 and not March 2…time flies…). Here are some fishy meals from a mercury filled week:

For dinner I had tilapia with sauteed asparagus and mushrooms as my veggie side. The inspiration for this was that my mother has asked me to stop being so cheap and buy some fish to eat… She offered to subsidize my potential weekly fish consumption which I strongly refused but I was honestly touched…Truly blessed to have someone in my life to remind me about my best interests and true prerogatives…

  • First I sliced a carton of regular old button mushrooms and chopped a bunch of asparagus into fourths, discarding the withered ends.
  • Then I melted some butter into the hot pan and cooked 2-3 spring onions for a couple minutes. I added mushrooms and then the asparagus, and cooked on high heat until both were tender, seasoning with salt and pepper.
  • After the veggies were done I transferred them into tupperware and kept some of the juices in the pot and added a little more butter and the tilapia fillets. To season, I sprinkled the fish with paprika, oregano, lemon juice, and salt/pepper.
  • I let it cook with the lid on for ~5 minutes and then flipped the fillets (unsuccessfully) to cook for another 3 minutes or so… I’m not very technically gifted so the pieces broke apart…


For my carb I had this with rice. The fish and veggie froze just fine and the fish didn’t end up too dry or rubbery even after a couple days. Expected tings happened to the veggies (eg. they shrivelled up and got a little fibery but that’s just the price I pay for convenience..)

Because I’m a silly little girl I went fishy (and pricey) for lunch too with smoked salmon on a sesame bagel (no capers… no square plate…). I mixed spring onions into cream cheese for some extra veggie and also topped with a handful of spring mix… which apparently according to some militant Huff Post salad enthusiast “deserves to die…” Anyways……. As a simple subsistence food prepper who has nothing to do with bourgeois foodie culture….. it’s none of my business why spring mix has been singled out for this brazen #slander…. I just came out here trying to treat myself to some smoked fish products and get my veggie on at the same time and suddenly have to deal with hate speech about salad…..Noted. Appalled but not shocked in this day and age.

This episode of excess has been brought to you by me anticipating my hefty tax return! Best of luck to everyone in their respective income brackets.. good luck and godspeed….


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