somewhat teriyaki chicken

Hello friends, enemies and randoms…. a week late again for posting again but let it not be thought that if the posting stops, the struggle for daily bread also stops… In any case I’m still backlogged with all these iPhone pics I never posted. Also I think I’m in a good mood this week cuz of several reasons: Firstly and foremost…. I got my tax return so amen. Because of who I am as a person this means treating myself to frozen fish sticks, a blue moon, mint Oreos, and Planet Earth. The heart wants what it wants. Secondly one of my BEST GALS visited me on this doomed island and Good Sense was restored to the world temporarily. And there’s no third thing but sources say threes are a good choice.

Anyways… for dinner last week I made Somewhat Teriyaki Chicken because as you know I have too much pride to look at a recipe for more than 15 seconds just to get the gist of it and then I do whatever I damn well please…

I used: For the chicken: 1.75lbs of chicken thighs, some flour (or cornstarch), 3/4 cup or thereabouts of soy sauce, some honey, some sugar, minced ginger and garlic, spring onions, salt, pepper. Veggie side: 4 carrots and a head of broccoli


  • First chop the chicken thighs into bite sized pieces. I bought skin on and bone in because it was a little bit cheaper and I wasn’t paying attention at the store. While deskinning and deboning them I started thinking fondly bout sitting in my great aunt’s living room eating peeled apples and being bragged about by my grandma while my uncle slaughtered a shrieking chicken (specifically… a 土鸡) in the bathroom.  Truly a dear memory from the 2nd world that I’m uncharacteristically opening up to you my dear readers. What you know about 土鸡?
  • I didn’t have any rice wine but I should have, anyways then I tossed the chicken with a little bit of flour, salt, and pepper, then heated some oil in the pan. Then I stir fried the chicken until it was white (7 minutes +/-)


  • Then I mixed like a 1:1 ratio of soy sauce and honey/sugar (mostly by taste and pheel…) with the minced garlic and ginger and added it to the pan. I kept the same heat but stirred more as the sauce reduced a little bit, for 10 minutes or so. One of life’s small pleasures is TRULY a nice reduction…I suggest you try it if mindfulness and meditation have failed you.
  • I added spring onions at the last minute. I was really impatient so I didn’t chop them that great.


  • For my veggie I used the leftover juices from the chicken to cook the carrots and broccoli. It looks like frozen mixed veggies but I assure you folks, I cut and peeled it all myself… not that there’s anything wrong with freezer veggies of course.
  • Also I’m going through a sweet potato phase due to I bought a lot in bulk and ran out of rice… sooo I had this with a small sweet potato.


sideways but you get it

For lunch last week I had tuna wraps (tuna, black beans, and corn) which I didn’t take photos of because it’s a repeat from here but actually sadder if you can believe it. I’ll be back with more riveting lunches at some unknown future date. Like I said I’m backlogged with all kinds of magical, inspirational, and life changing posts to do during my next Triannual Good Mood.

I’ve been informed by a friendly reader that my blog is “political” so I will use this time to make a plug about the importance of doomsday preparedness which should really go without saying but I digress. Go tend to your crops, prepare your canned goods and seed bank, and listen to Frank’s new track about bicycles.


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